PalmiTech Group, Inc.

PalmiTech Group, Inc.


Palmitech Group is a consulting and services company, that brings seasoned, talented and experienced professionals from the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary sectors to  provide specialized advice to  business management and technical support services in different industries across the world. We work with people who know your business and bring their knowledge and genuine expertise to maximize your business outcomes and deal effectively with your challenges. We understand your business through research, knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide trusted advice and proven value. We adapt our approach and deliverables to our client needs, best practice and environmental trends and to meet their industry’s future challenges. We provide a full set of business services such as consulting, technology consulting and project management in different industries. Our consulting approach and engineering expertise allow us to offer services at different levels of the value chains, from need development to business portfolio strategy. We have the experience and knowledge to take a  leadership role whether your needs include management consulting, strategy, compliance, project management, or system implementation. Palmitech is committed to providing its customers with services of the highest quality at competitive and advantageous prices. Palmitech has of a strong team of seasoned professionals, with advanced graduate degrees in life sciences or administration. Our people take a collaborative approach, combining  industry diversity best practices with a keen instinct for action through research knowledge. Palmitech brings together a talented and diverse group of skilled professionals, united around a single goal: helping our clients succeed in the challenging development landscape of the 21st century.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in our different domains of expertises.


Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations by helping them maximize their global competitiveness in their respective industries.


Our Strategy

Palmitech Group is committed to providing consulting services in a timely and cost efficient manner.


Our Objectives

  • Listen to our clients, understand their needs and bring multidisciplinary experience  and a collective thinking approach to solve problems through optimal usage of resources.
  • We combine our extensive years of experience and industry knowledge with respect for our client mission, and an overriding commitment to their success.
  • Provide best fit services and a new level of visibility to our clients’ expectations.
  • Remain up to date with knowledge and knowledge translation best practices in industry.
  • Replicate our extremely successful business model to our African branch based in West Africa.


Our Culture

Palmitech was created primarily to be an environment where we share knowledge and excellence through the information research process. We value the ideas each person brings to our firm. We work together to exceed client expectation by delivering high quality services that impact client core value activities. Our collaborative engagement in projects enables us to accomplish our clients’ objectives, using best practice processes to support think action and celebrate our mutual success. We value developing and building long-term trusted business relationships.


Our Values

Palmitech Group’s collaborative core value is defined as business integrity, variety, diversity, inclusion and a strong spirit of  delivering service to our clients . Our people are accurate, respectful, prompt and meaningful in each contact opportunity in a Client Needs-Centered perspective. Surrounded with talented people, we offer them expression and career opportunities. We achieve success through open and intensive collaboration amongst colleagues in a learning collegial environment. We say what we will do, and do what we say in each project. We commit ourselves to the achievement of our clients’ objectives and transform obstacles into learning opportunities for growth and success in a changing business environment. Our leitmotiv is to continually increase our knowledge and efficiency through research knowledge to help our clients make more informed business decisions and accelerate growth.


Our History

Palmitech started as one individual’s passion for research and knowledge transfer in practice through consulting and services. Palmitech’s history has its origins in the multidisciplinary career-path of its founder, Dr. Jean-Marc Palm. Dr. Palm’s experience at the health industry level includes leadership positions in health information and technology management. It was through his eHealth research experience in different developed countries involved in the health IT adoption and clinical process improvement, that Dr Palm’s core commitment to value-based consulting was established and with it, Palmitech was born. Palmitech was originally founded in 2003 in France and officially registered in 2007 and incorporated in 2012. Despite its humble beginnings in Europe, North America and Africa, Palmitech quickly established its networks and partnerships, building a team that shares our passion, values and desire to provide the best value in consulting and services to the marketplace. Over the years, Palmitech has grown and changed to meet its mission for the benefit of the clients’ expectations.