PalmiTech Africa, Ltd.

PalmiTech AfricaPalmitech Group is represented in Africa by Palmitech Africa, our branch on this continent. Palmitech Africa is proud to be committed to West Africa in Burkina Faso where we contribute to vibrant local and regional businesses through delivery of quality services and knowledge transfer. We continue our investment and expansion in Africa. Palmitech Africa was created to provide specialized consulting and services in the complex arena  and demanding field of clinical engineering, clean technology, global eHealth, process management, as well as research and knowledge translation. The service Palmitech Africa provides is adapted to each local African context and language and is fully integrated into those of Palmitech Group, in order to offer global portfolio consulting and services for our African clients across  the world. As a branch of Palmitech Group, Palmitech Africa delivers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and engineering consulting services in support of African biomedical and eHealth initiatives in West Africa, helping countries deliver wide-ranging and innovative care services supported by the best choice and maintained health technology.

Palmitech Africa, a professional services and consulting firm provides eHealth IT and engineering service entities with project management, business development, grant writing, research design and implementation, and procurement and contract negotiation services.

Palmitech Africa provides comprehensive and practical business services accessing its international consultants,North America Principals and collaborative team and their understanding of the local challenges facing African countries. Palmitech Africa serves as the translator between the worlds of medical, engineering, and business professionals. Our valuable team knowledge of the industry is based on an extensive experience and research background. We strive to provide exceptional value by offering personal service, tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Palmitech Africa Vision

  • To be the expert reference and principal liaison between government and international communities.
  • To be an African market leader in information and communication technology, medical device and engineering consulting services.

Palmitech Africa Mission:

  • Provide a full set of consulting  services.
  • To exceed our clients’ expectations by maximizing their global competitiveness in their respective industries.
  • Establish a standard and promote excellence in clinical engineering consulting.

Palmitech Africa Strategy

  • Palmitech Africa is committed to providing on-time and on-budget consulting services.

Palmitech Africa Objectives

  • Use and promote best consulting and proactive services in diverse industry sectors
  • Connect African and international consulting businesses to the highest standards.
  • Serve as principal advisor on all eHealth major policy and management issues and initiatives, with special emphasis on health information technology, electronic public health, and contracts and procurements.
  • Be recognized as the leading eHealth technology and solution service company operating in Africa to lead system selection, implementation, and integration projects.
  • Specialize in eHealth IT recruiting, training and consulting.
  • Be recognized as the clinical engineering consulting company which offers practical expertise to biomedical problems faced by the African health industry.
  • Use ICT  to meet African health-care needs.
  • Work with African health-care professionals to build a global African eHealth system .

Doing Business with Palmitech Africa

Our branch in Africa can help you with marketing and distribution of biomedical equipment and health IT product positioning if you are a medical device company and are looking to expand into the African market. We continuously seek out collaborative businesses and organizations to supplement our team and African branch capabilities.