Clinical Engineering, Hospital Devices and Biomedical Management

Hospital and clinical devices and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems are converging to create a complex and dynamic environment where we need a multi and interdisciplinary collaborative background to face evolving challenges in High Biomedical Technology driven systems and Information. In this Large Integrated Multi-Technology System, Palmitech Clinical Engineering, Hospital Devices and Biomedical Division supports and promotes quality patient health care by applying engineering and managerial knowledge and skills to assure Bio Medical devices work properly and safely. We reinforce our clients’ organizational best practices in healthcare technology integration and quality management. Our team can support your engineers in clinical engineering challenges, to enhance devices acquisition process, to optimize your technical platform management, and to enable the safest most cost-effective utilization of medical technology.

We work to assure that new investments and medical technology or products will meet the needs of your organization’s medical practice.

Our professionals provide effective and efficient tools and methodology for medical equipment and technology management in acute care hospitals, long term care facilities and the health industry in general. Some of the services provided include (but are not limited to):

Medical Equipment, Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

Biomedical Service Budget Management

Hospital Technology Policy and Procedures

Technical Supervision

Service Contract Management

Health Technology Assessment

Hospital Safety

Product/Vendor Selection

Capital Equipment  Planning

Building Plan Review

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Assurance / Quality Management (ISO13485 Medical Devices)

Bio Medical Equipment services (Equipment Installation)

Industrial Engineering

Risk Management (ISO 14971 Medical Devices)

Medical equipment and technology education

Incident Investigation

Biomedical Equipment Technicians Evaluation and Assessment

Health Technology Training and education

Medical Technology Management

Managing Clinical Engineering Department

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