Our Team

Palmitech Group is a multidisciplinary firm that utilises a breadth of experience from life sciences, IT and engineering to develop its service portfolio. eHealth global technologies, medical informatics and clinical engineering leadership is provided and managed by Dr. Jean-Marc Palm with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary backgrounds in sciences, management and technology.

Dr. Jean-Marc Palm, Ph.D., Dr.P.H.M.I., M.H.A., M.H.I., M.H.E.,M.E.E., PMP, CSSGB, ITBAP,  ITIL

  • Prof. in Business & Professional Studies at University of Toronto
  • Prof. in Health Technology Assessment & Economic Evaluation at York University
  • Global Managing Director & Professional Certifications Exam Coach at PalmiTech Group, Inc

Dr. Jean Marc Palm is the Global Managing Director and Professional Certifications Exam Coach at PalmiTech Group Inc. He has over 10 years of experience in health IT, clinical sciences, and hospital engineering in North America, Europe, and Africa. Dr Palm started Palmitech with an extensive background in eHealth ICT success factors research, and using both project management body knowledge (PMBOK) methodology, and healthcare information and management systems (HIMSS) methodology to manage, create and implement successful EHR and clinical IT system, and led the Request for Proposal (RFP) effort for a variety of hospital-wide and country-wide eHealth and clinical information systems program. He facilitated physicians and nurses requirements’ definition effort with C-level participation from Advanced Clinical Systems, Advanced Physician Systems, Clinical Decision Support, Workflow Redesign in hospital information initiatives. Dr. Palm has acquired extensive knowledge regarding the evaluation and development of health and clinical information system.

Dr. Palm has a particular interest in the eHealth and ICT Acceptability Factors and the use of technology to support the delivery of high quality patient care. He spent many years in different hospital settings analyzing the challenges of adopting and modeling health professional processes. His international eHealth research experience in both France and Canada gives him the experience and the skills to fully understand and manage the diversity and complexity of  planning and implementating comprehensive electronic health recording (EHR) and grant writing. During his research, he conducted EHR benchmarking report analysis and lead a comparative evaluation of two international comprehensive clinical information system. He explained how human factors influence the adoption of healthcare information technology. His papers are published in medical informatics conferences and he is a recipient of the Best Paper 2011 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics in Biomedical Informatics Perspective on Human Factors category. An active participant in conferences and public forums, Dr. Palm has spoken on eHealth success factors, clinical IT adoption processes, healthcare business process modeling at major international conferences (AMIA, MedInfo, Aqesss 2010) and universities hospitals in Canada, France, and West Africa. As a researcher Dr. Palm has extensive experience with information management systems research and software, including several years using biostatistical analysis, structural equation modelling (LISREL) to analyze clinical IS success determinants  data using both univariate and multivariate statistical methods.

Dr.Palm has an InterDisciplinary Ph.D., (ID Ph.D.) from Conjoint eHealth Research Program, from the University Pierre and Marie in France and the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Sciences and eHealth form the University of Sherbrooke and a Doctorate (Dr.P.H.M.I.), in Public Health and Medical Informatics form the University Pierre and Marie. Dr. Palm also has a Masters’ degree in Health Services Administration (M.H.A), Health Informatics (M.H.I), Clinical and Hospital Engineering (M.H.E), Energy Engineering (M.E.E), respectively from the University of Montreal , University Pierre and Marie, University of Technology of Compiegne and National Engineering School. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University. He holds the PMP, ITIL and CSSGB designations.

Dr. Palm’s research, teaching, eLearning, and consulting interests include biomedical and health information technology and informatics, clinical business intelligence and eHealth IS needs assessment.  He is a frequent speaker at academic, business, healthcare agencies, and international conferences. Dr Palm is a  healthcare strategy and technology executive with extensive experience in building and leading clinical solution development, advising senior IT executives, designing and implementing strategic ehealth ICT solutions, as well as healthcare IT project management and health professional IT using change management in life science organizations.

Dr. Palm has collaborated with a large number of public and private hospitals in North America, Europe, and Africa as well as ministries of health with the acquisition and implementation of health technology and clinical information systems. Dr. Palm believes in leading with a strong commitment to the communities in which Palmitech does business, including hands-on employee volunteerism. He is involved as a volunteer in the development of CPOE content, governance aspects and policy and procedures in Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) Chicago Chapter in the USA. He is reviewer for three medical journals and member of Canadian Knowledge Translation Initiative. Dr. Palm is an active member of the International Journal of Medical Informatics, American Medical Informatics Association, International Medical Informatics Assocication – MedInfo, SOQIBS, and HIMSS. Dr. Palm currently resides in Canada.

Thérèse Bernier, PMP, CPHIMS, MSc eHealth

  • Senior Consultant

With her near-30 years of IT experience in development, software quality management and project leadership, Thérèse is well versed in every aspect of the software and project development life cycles (SDLC, PMLC), and has used this knowledge to successfully plan, direct and manage the production implementation of several applications. Thérèse has also led small to large teams, managed vendors, and gathered requirements. Thérèse is comfortable working with virtual teams.  For the past 6 years, Thérèse has led and participated in these health IT endeavours: Pan-Canadian initiatives, Panorama (the federal public health surveillance system), Canadian Partnership Against Cancer synoptic reporting pilot projects, CIHI’s DAD and NACRS implementations, eHealth Ontario’s Diagnostic Imaging Integration project, Local implementations, Toronto Central CCAC case management system (CHRIS). Thérèse holds the PMP and CPHIMS designations, and is currently completing her MSc eHealth degree at McMaster University.

Dr. Sia Drissa, Ph.D., M.D.

  • Senior Consultant

Dr. Sia Drissa serves as a consultant with Palmitech Health Consulting. Acting in the role as physician advisor, Dr. Sia provides African clinical and organizational expertise as well as insight and leadership on the design, implementation, education and adoption of new Health IT. Dr. Sia is responsible for setting vision and strategy, for aligning physician engagement and the strategic initiatives of the organization and the IT business goals while complying with regulatory mandates to deliver quality health care. Dr Sia has considerable consulting experience providing a variety of consulting services in African organizational health care planning, clinical service development, governance and West Africa vaccination project reviews. He holds a Medical Doctor degree from the University of Ouagadougou, Master of Science in Public Health and Development from the Catholic University of Leuven and a Ph.D. in Public Health from the  University of Montreal.

Dr. Anna Koné, M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Senior Consultant

Anna Koné’s background consists of 10 years’ experience in  healthcare organization and performance analysis in Canada, including measurement, health management, and delivery of strategic planning. Anna held senior research positions in a number of research groups in Toronto and Montreal. She has extensive research consulting experience – performing a variety of health business intelligence consulting, designing research tools and providing advisory consulting services for the implementation of large, complex health research projects.  She also has a strong statistical background continuously improved through university teaching roles , coaching health professionals and writing scientific papers. Anna has a good understanding of the African Health System and eHealth IT impact on global healthcare delivery and performance. Besides a degree in statistics, she holds a Masters of Science degree in Community Health (M.Sc.) and a Ph.D. in Public Health as well as an advanced certificate in Evaluation of Health Services from the University of Montreal.

Valerie Gagnon, B.A.

  • Global Supply Chain and International Logistics Manager
  • Marketing & Business Development Manager

Valerie Gagnon brings over 15 years of industry experience to dynamically and creatively address business development challenges and strategic planning. Her current duties include oversight of our consulting and services business management, creating relationships with national and international partners, hospital leaders and developing partnerships to address the top healthcare industry challenges. Prior to Palmitech, Valerie was Business Coordinator and Relationship Strategist for Distribution Luk & Luk, the Société des Alcohols du Québec, and other companies located in Roatan, where she negotiated and successfully contracted with many of the key partners and clients. In the creative relationship strategy, she developed an intensive client communication intelligence approach plan to influence her business environment. Valerie led the successful start-up of a business incubator for Distribution Luk & Luk where she developed a team-work approach in Quebec with new product development and positioning in the marketplace. Valerie earned a Bachelor of  Arts degree (B.A.) with a minor in Psychology, and International Relations from the University of Sherbrooke.

Lynda Zugec, M.A.

  • Human Resource Managing Director

Lynda was a Human Capital Advisory Services Consultant with Mercer Human Resources Consulting Ltd., one of the world’s premier human resources consulting firms. Following extensive experience in Human Resource positions throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Lynda recognized a need to combine the teaching and research expertise of highly qualified academics with the management teams responsible for human resource policy and practice throughout the business community. Lynda has established herself as a notable figure in the HR and business community and has been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, U.S. News & World Report, About.com, MSN Careers, Business News Daily, CBS Money Watch, and Redbook Magazine. Lynda holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and Applied Studies along with a specialization in Human Resources Management from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Guelph.