Our Partners


Together we can build a business excellence network


The Palmitech Group is committed to maintaining strong partnerships with world leaders in a wide range of research, health, consulting, education and technology specialties that ensure our customers’ success . We continuously strive to build North-South relationships with business partners and leaders in different industry sectors for win-win business initiatives. We invite your company or organization interest to partner with us and jointly explore our mutually beneficial business opportunities. To better serve our customers, we have developed strategic partnerships and alliances that enhance our multi and interdisciplinary expertise. The following business partners work in collaboration with us and bring additional and complementary expertise to our team:

PalmiTech Business Partners

King Canada

SunForce Products


Patient Intel

LL Projet Santé

Entreprise des Travaux Modernes


Palmitech Research Partners

We maintain working relationships with a number of institutions and organizations to support project research and educational activities focused on the biomedical and health informatics and healthcare ICT effects on global health outcomes.


  • Laboratory of Public Health and Medical Informatics (SPIM) in France
  • Collaborative Research and Efficacy Diagnostic (CRED) in Canada




PalmiTech Collaborative Partners

Palmitech’s strategy is to create business synergy by stimulating creative and innovative collaboration across industrial sectors  and countries. This collaboration is a key element of our business success and an important tool in facilitating the connection between information and business need.

  • Pr. Patrice Degoulet, CIO
  • Rodolphe Meyer,M.D., Ph,D.
  • Liliana Diaz O., Ph.D., MBA, PMP, LEED GA
  • Kosta Makrodimitris, PhD CF-FDA, CP-EHR
  • Jean-Paul Fortin, M.D
  • Jean-Marie Moutquin, M.D., M.Sc.,

 PalmiTech Independent Consultant

Palmitech’s independent consultants are seasoned professionals in life sciences, engineering and  management and have over 10 years of experience in business and consulting, working with clients in both the public and private sectors. This inter-disciplinary team includes former CIOs, healthcare IT and financial planners, process re-design analysts and specialists, nurses and physicians. Our network of international consultants provides extensive leadership advancing the company’s management strategy, while ensuring continued customer success and a focus on delivering real business value to our global customer base. Our consultants are carefully selected, supervised and are assigned by matching their strengths to our client’s needs.

The experts and experienced management consultants that join Palmitech Group sharpen their skills and knowledge through our culture of continuous quality improvement, collaboration utilizing Palmitech’s approach, tools and methodologies. We value learning from our knowledge community. If your business has an interest in partnering with Palmitech, please Contact Us.