Research and Knowledge Translation

As organizations become more complex and comply with additional regulations, Palmitech Research and Knowledge Translation Division is an expert group that is able to bring knowledge into action (knowledge broker). Our professionals can train and help your resources in the information research and methodology, learning process and action into practice. The greatest challenge in this division is to help our clients through research, providing the best action tools and advice based on recent knowledge attained from different areas of research. We partner with you to develop your existing management methodology and information research and to create comprehensive learning and training opportunities. We work to develop workflow processes, documentation, and procedures that can be used to train your team. Palmitech provides a complete set of tools and methodology to lay the foundation and knowledge transfer into business processes and activities.

To ensure that all users within your organization share a common understanding to facilitate communication and knowledge translation, the Palmitech eLearning Center gives you the opportunity to build your continuing learning skills with the help of seasoned professionals who specialize in Healthcare System Management  and have advanced eHealth IT solution expertise. Whatever your learning style, there is a knowledge translation which meets your needs.   Some of the services Palmitech provides include (but are not limited to):

Systematic Review of Literature (English and French)

Conceptual frameworks, models and theories 

Research Methods – Qualitative and/or Quantitative

Training Courses and Services

Research Design & Analysis

Survey Design & Analysis

Statistical Sample Design

Data Collection and Management

Survey Instrument Design

Data Analysis


Satisfaction Surveys

Usability Testing and Analysis

Develop and Implement e-learning Program 

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